Green Deal

The Green Deal for Landlords and Tenants

Did you know that under the Energy Act 2011, by 2018 all landlords should ensure that their properties meet a minimum energy efficient standard or install the maximum package of improvements available under the Green Deal, Energy Company Obligation (ECO) or any available Government incentives? That’s why you should take action now!

Make energy saving improvements in your properties and increase their rental value, all at no upfront cost!

Thanks to the government backed Green Deal Scheme, private landlords can now make energy efficient improvements to their properties with no upfront cost, leading to higher rental values and happier, warmer tenants.

  • Warmer homes for tenants and better rent generation for landlords
  • Ensures all properties are fully compliant with new government legislation
  • Reduces maintenance bills by lowering the risk of damp, burst pipes, mould and condensation
  • Lots of energy efficient measures available including new boiler replacements 

And all at no upfront cost to you or your tenants!

What is Green Deal?

Green Deal is a government backed scheme that allows private landlords to make energy saving home improvements to their properties, all at no upfront to them.

There are a number of energy saving improvements that can be made to your property under Green Deal including:

  • A new highly efficient boiler
  • External and internal solid wall insulation
  • Loft and cavity wall insulation
  • Draught Proofing
  • Solar PV
  • Biomass heating systems


All of these improvements are available at no upfront cost to the landlord. Tenants will repay the cost of the measures through their energy bill savings whilst enjoying a warmer, more energy efficient home.

Thanks to the Green Deal Golden Rule, the cost of installing the improvements must always be less than the savings generated, so tenants still benefit from substantial savings on their energy bills.