Biomass Heating Systems are a low carbon, low cost alternative for heating your home or business. Thanks to the governments Renewable Heat Incentive, they can also provide you with an additional income of up to £3,390 a year.

Biomass boilers burn wood chips, pellets or logs to power your central heating and hot water system. Burning biomass produces the same amount of carbon dioxide as is absorbed while the plants are growing, so biomass boilers are classed as an environmentally friendly heating solution.

Switching to a Biomass boiler is simple, and will save you money on your energy bills. Premier Energy Solutions are experts in biomass technology and can offer guidance and advice that will help you choose a biomass system that is suitable for your home or business. Your biomass installation will be carried out by our fully trained engineers and you will rece a complete end to end service including aftercare and support.

The benefits of installing a biomass boiler

  • Carbon FootprintsHaving a wood fuelled biomass boiler installed in your home or business means that you may be entitled to RHI payments from the government, earning you an additional income of up to £3,390 a year.
  • Biomass boilers are super-efficient compared to fossil fuels alternatives. Depending on what existing heating system you are replacing, a biomass boiler could save you up to £650 a year on your energy bill.
  • Due to being carbon neutral, a biomass boiler will lower the carbon emissions from your property and help to protect our environment and future energy supplies.
  • Biomass fuel is widely available throughout the UK, the use of UK-sourced biomass fuel helps to support the rural economy by providing them with further business opportunities.

At Premier Energy Solutions all of our Biomass boilers are installed by fully accredited MCS engineers who will provide you with expert advice and after care and even help you apply for RHI funding.

Call us on 0800 2981394 to discuss your requirements and have your questions answered on biomass boiler installs.