Solar Thermal

Installing Premier Energy’s Solar Thermal Technology can heat up to 90% of your property’s hot water in the summer months and an average 50%-60% all year round. This is why they are one of the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly renewable energy solutions available 

Solar Thermal Technology uses warmth from the sun to provide your home with free hot water. Fluid inside of the panels (known as collectors) on your roof absorbs heat from the sun which is then pumped along your pipes and stored in your hot water cylinder. A boiler or immersion heater can then top up on any extra heat that is needed to bring the water to the temperature that you require.

By installing a Solar Water Heating System through Premier Energy, you could make significant savings on your energy bill and reduce your carbon footprint. More importantly, using free energy generated from the environment future proofs you from the continuous rising costs of fossil fuels. We provide a professional end to end Solar Thermal Installation service that is tailored to your business or home.

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The Benefits of installing Solar Thermal Technology:

  • Save on your energy bills! By heating their hot water through Solar Thermal Technology, some households have been known to reduce their annual energy bill by anything from 30-70%
  • Generate an additional income via the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme, a 4 person household that generates energy from a solar water heating system may be entitled to a £330 annual payment
  • The Systems work all year round, providing you with free hot water no matter the season
  • Reduce your carbon footprint, solar water heating systems are known as green, renewable systems and reduce your carbon dioxide emissions
  • The systems require minimal maintenance to keep it in good operating order